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Catano Winery

Making Red, White and Port-Style wines In Calaveras County
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Solar Powered Wine
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Solar Powered Wine
Catano Winery proudly displays its source of power on the roof.


Why yes, you read correctly.  We have Solar Powered Wines.  Starts out in the vineyard with the sun helping the grapes to be all they can be, then those grapes are crushed by a solar powered crusher.  Catano Winery utilizes the natural thermal insulation provided by the earth, as all winery operations and processing take place in the underground cellar.  This allows the winery to be 20 to 25 degrees cooler than it is outside during the hot summer months.
Catano Winery and the Gates family home upstairs is 100% off-grid and solar powered.  We use the sun for electrical power and for heating water. A backup generator and propane tank are the energy sources used when there is little sunlight. Electrical energy is stored in a nicad battery bank and hot water is stored in a tank at high temperatures until needed,then it is mixed with cold water to make warm water.  So we have no Pacific Gas and Electric bills, nor do we have the view interrupted by any poles. 
So while wineries add solar to boost their image, we live on solar power every day in our winery and in our home, with 4 young kids. 
We, at Catano Winery, make Solar Powered Wine!