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Catano Winery

Making Red, White and Port-Style wines In Calaveras County
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Table Wines of Catano Winery

 Vinho Branco

Vinho Branco is Portuguese for "white wine."  Kind of a generic name, but the character makes up for it!  A high acid white table wine.  Made from the Portuguese varieties Alvarinho, Arinto, Fernão Pires, Verdelho, and Viosinho.  This wine has a great finish with strong citrus, green apple and pear flavors. This is fantastic with food.  I love it with fish or lemon chicken.  And it stands alone wonderfully!  This is no "cheap skinny white."  This wine boasts a great nose and a smooth, full finish!  Enjoy!


Tres Pinheiros
Tres Pinheiros is Portuguese for "Three Pine," because many moons ago Joe's best friend said "You need to make a "Three Pine Wine" for the 3 pines by the house."  So, Tres Pinheiros was born.  A wonderful blend of our Portuguese grape varieties give this table wine it's smooth taste with the over-ripe cherry finish.

Tempranillo is a wonderfully smooth and full bodied table wine.  It is made from the Portuguese variety Tinta Roriz, which is called Tempranillo in Spain.  The Federal Government doesn't recognize Tinta Roriz for domestic wine labels.  This has a wonderfully full nose, a smooth body and a finish your tongue will be thanking you for!

Touriga is a classic Portuguese red grape variety. Typical flavors are black and red currants. The wines tend to be full bodied with lenghly tannins.